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I've always been a crafty person. I love the visual arts and just like to create things. I tend to stare at each item in awe when it is complete... thinking "I made this!?" Call me a hopeless romantic, but the old days had it right in many ways, including traditional homemaking. I've been hobby sewing and crafting since I was a little girl. But in recent years, I found it necessary to sew clothes for my girls to keep them modestly dressed. While nursing my babies, I began making nursing covers for myself and friends. I've also done furniture restoration, crocheting, baking, painting/drawing, photography and more. Enjoying these feminine crafts and other projects has made me want to share my ideas and talents.

I hope to provide you with great ideas and quality products that will "keep you covered!" Some items will be available at an Etsy Shop. Also enjoy my tips and examples on this blog!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Plushie Peeps

I found an online tutorial to make plush marshmallow peeps bunny, a perfect toddler gift for Easter. I wanted to share it with you, as it is simple and fun to sew!
The bunny is about the size of an adult hand when complete. I found that stuffing it firmly, it will have more wear and looks best.

Go to this website for a printable pattern and instructions:


marshmallow chick plushie tutorial and pattern

1 comment:

Amanda said...

They turned out so cute!! Super bright and fun! Thanks so much for sharing! :)

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