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I've always been a crafty person. I love the visual arts and just like to create things. I tend to stare at each item in awe when it is complete... thinking "I made this!?" Call me a hopeless romantic, but the old days had it right in many ways, including traditional homemaking. I've been hobby sewing and crafting since I was a little girl. But in recent years, I found it necessary to sew clothes for my girls to keep them modestly dressed. While nursing my babies, I began making nursing covers for myself and friends. I've also done furniture restoration, crocheting, baking, painting/drawing, photography and more. Enjoying these feminine crafts and other projects has made me want to share my ideas and talents.

I hope to provide you with great ideas and quality products that will "keep you covered!" Some items will be available at an Etsy Shop. Also enjoy my tips and examples on this blog!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Rosary Hangers and Lenten Crosses

While looking around at the options for rosary holders, I really came short.  I came across these inexpensive wood crosses just before lent.  
[2010 03 11_Lent-Easter_0009[2].jpg]
I had the kids “Carry their Cross” around during lent, especially to the Friday Stations. It was worn and dirty, and sometimes to them it weighed a hundred pounds. We put the crosses away for Holy Saturday. Then on Easter Sunday we decoupaged them adding a hook to make rosary hangers from them.
Find these crosses at your local craft store.

There's always room for cake!

Sure, I could go to the local stores and buy a pre-made cake, or I could just fix up a box cake and slap on the frosting, top it off with a candle and sprinkles and that’d just be fine for something that gets devoured in minutes.
But I prefer to add a touch of my own artistic abilities to the process…

Lent/Easter Cross Cake

Disney's Toy Story – Buzz Lightyear Planet Cake & Alien Cupcakes

Winnie the Pooh Birthday – Summer Garden Bundt

First Communion Cake for my daughter
Bakin a Cake
 Bakin a Cake

Summertime Layer Cake – God Bless You!
Cake for Bake Sale

Happy Father’s Day – Golf Course Cupcakes
Golf Cupcakes Golf Cupcakes

Happy 60th Anniversary 2-tier layered cake
The cake I made

While I may not be professional yet, I think I got a talent for it! If you would like me to make one of these or a similar cake/cupcakes – for your special occasion, please contact me at 4modestmommies@gmail.com Family and Central Minnesota orders only.
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