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I've always been a crafty person. I love the visual arts and just like to create things. I tend to stare at each item in awe when it is complete... thinking "I made this!?" Call me a hopeless romantic, but the old days had it right in many ways, including traditional homemaking. I've been hobby sewing and crafting since I was a little girl. But in recent years, I found it necessary to sew clothes for my girls to keep them modestly dressed. While nursing my babies, I began making nursing covers for myself and friends. I've also done furniture restoration, crocheting, baking, painting/drawing, photography and more. Enjoying these feminine crafts and other projects has made me want to share my ideas and talents.

I hope to provide you with great ideas and quality products that will "keep you covered!" Some items will be available at an Etsy Shop. Also enjoy my tips and examples on this blog!

Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Our Garden Plans - Watercolor

It's been rather rare for me to get on and create a post for any of my blogs lately. I've been reduced to quick posts on Facebook and maybe a little something on Pinterest. So I'm here with just a smidgen of a moment to share a watercolor painting I multi-purposed yesterday. It is a layout plan for this year's attempt at a garden. I've already made some changes in my mind, but it was too pretty to trash the drawing.

In addition to the multi-tasking of being artsy and planning my garden, it was accompanied by my sitting at the table helping 3 of our children with their school work. I homeschool, so this was no easy task. I'm simply astounded that I created this without a single spill or mishap. I truly believe you get the bad days (like I had the day before) so you can appreciate the good days!

 Our Work in Progress Garden

Over the next few years I'm hoping to embrace my family's creativity and fill our walls with our framed artwork instead of that of strangers. I'm very surprised I didn't do this earlier. Of course, we've always had fridge art. But in 14 years, it wasn't until this year I decided I'd be okay with the kids taping their favorite drawings on their bedroom walls. I guess I am a little OCD about visual conformity. I have 7 kids, it's time I get over that!

Happy carefree, family chaos filled, multi-purposed, mommy time crafting!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Keeping Quiet in the Pew


With 7 children of our own, it has been obvious that some productive entertainment is necessary for many families to have along in the church pew at Mass, weddings, funerals and other services. In the past year I've been developing products that are great Catholic accessories to have in your own church bag - or "Quiet in the Pew" bags as I've named them. Items that will enrich their experience of the Mass, not deter from it.
Catholic Seek and Find Card Set
CardSample3 CardSample2 CardSample1
Each set of 30 colorful and child-friendly cards comes as a Digital (PDF) File for you to print as many times as needed. (I currently do not have these premade to ship on my shop).

Catholic Seek & Find Cards 14pg PDF File


Quiet in the Pew Bags
I've really enjoyed sewing many totes over the past years, including a little more than a dozen for our parish. These are holding all the fun Catholic books and activities they need to keep occupied and engaged in the Mass. They also make great gifts for Baptism and First Communion.

Quiet Bag
Church Bags and Stand
This bag is a basic quilted front panel (Fabric: Timeless Treasures "God Gave Us") with a corduroy back panel. Lined inside with fleece for softness and padding. Both styles of bags are padded so there is no thumping on the wood pew throughout the Mass, wedding or funeral.
Church Bags and StandQuiet Bag
These bags are easy to make with pre-quilted fabric, ribbon handle and a Christian fabric top edge. 
These may be available in my Modest Mommies Etsy Shop,
filled with the custom items I've designed. Visit my shop - or request a special order!
The Church Bag Stand
And finally, for those who wish to have these in your home parish, we designed a church bag stand that is inviting and functional for holding all those great quiet bags! I couldn't find anything I liked online, to purchase or ideas from other churches. So I made one up myself! A Modest Mommies original.
Church Bags and Stand
"Let the children come to me…"  Mark 10:14
I would like to price these for sale, but until I have a spare moment for woodworking.... I thought I'd share the basic design. It's more important that these are available in churches around the world. Please excuse my casual, non-carpenter descriptions!
*This design is copyrighted, this design/pattern is not to be made to sell without permission. However, you may make it for your home or a church donation as we did.
First, build your cross.
1. Using a 10 ft 4x4, cut a 4.5' section (verticle), and a 4' section (horizontal).
2. Line up the horizontal piece 2ft down on the verticle piece. Mark board width on both pieces.
3. See photo for layout. Cut to interlock, cutting half way into the 4x4 the width of your pencil marks. Make it a tight fit.
4. Do any joint sanding now.
5. Piece two sections together, with wood glue in the joint. No screws. (A rubber mallet helps)
Church Bags and Stand
6. Sand again, rounding edges.
7. Drill a hole in the bottom of the cross in order to insert a long bolt from the base into the cross.
Next, build your base.
8. Cut two sheets of 1/2in MDF to 2'x2' and screw together.
9. Drill a 1/4" hole in the middle. Put bolt through hole in base and into the cross. Add long screws in corners for stability.
10. Layer 2x4s on top of base. Add mitered trim around cross base.
Church Bags and Stand
11. Use home base trim around the sides, and caster wheels on the bottom.
Church Bags and Stand
12. Woodburn if desired. Sand and Varnish entire piece.
13. Add hooks on bottom side of horizontal 4x4. Add posts on front and back for extra hanging. These are actually coat hangers and shelf brackets found at Menards.
Church Bags and Stand
Church Bags and Stand
Church Bags and Stand
14. Our finishing touch was an invitational sign so people knew what it was.
Church Bags and StandQuietInThePew Sign for Totes
I hope you've enjoyed these ideas and products to keep yours or other children content and Quiet in the Pew! Please comment with a link if you've seen these items in your church, if you'd like to order something, or have seen similar posts.
God Bless!
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