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I hope to provide you with great ideas and quality products that will "keep you covered!" Some items will be available at an Etsy Shop. Also enjoy my tips and examples on this blog!

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Lullaby Luau

After planning a luau inspired baby shower for my sister, I decided it would be fun to share all my ideas with my online friends! If you’re looking for the ultimate summer fun combined with the excitement of a new baby - this is the party to host. I have not seen a party plan like this one ANYWHERE. Please be sure to send me any other ideas you might have!
Looking for a fun new theme for a baby shower? A tropical baby shower might be just the thing!
* Lullaby Luau * Aloha Baby * Baby on Board * Tiki Baby * Nursery Rhyme Island *

Lullaby Luau Host Book

[Sibling Shower ideas found at this link]


LULLABY LUAU invite Lullaby Luau envelopes

INVITATIONS are simple, either print out my version or grab any luau invite online or in stores. One of my online favorites of is found here: Aloha Baby Invite with coordinating Mahalo Thanks Cards. We decorated the envelopes with beach theme stickers that included surf boards. Next to the stickers we wrote "Baby on Board!" You could also use stickers from tropical Hello Kitty or Sponge Bob.
* Lullaby Luau Printable Invitation (above)
* Add Gift Registry

Lullaby Luau decorLullaby Luau decorhula-baby-wall-clings

Decorations are typical luau fun you can find at Party City, Oriental Trading Co, Target, JoAnns, etc. I started with the idea that a pink flamingo, instead of a stork, should carry the baby! When searching for images, I found a few decorations at EZPartyZone.com, but the rest was up to me. We had the typical lawn ornament pink flamingo and drilled a hole in it's nose. We cut shapes from a sheet of craft foam or felt, using pink or blue for the blanket and appropriate skin color for face. For the "Aloha Baby" we glued on foam letters, and added lines/shading with a permanent black marker. Then securing together with a zip tie through the hole and center of the knot. Have the flamingo's face pointing in the direction for cars to turn! Collect them after the party - ours were stolen overnight. Free pattern in my downloadable party printout.
 Lullaby Luau pattern

Lullaby Luau decorLullaby Luau decor
Don't forget to add your favorite Hawaiian music with steel drums and soothing sounds! Make a Lullaby CD for a gift that includes some of these songs from artists like Enya, Beach Boys, and Bob Marley.


Lullaby Luau leis
Welcome everyone with a flower lei and say "Aloha" which means Hello in Hawaiian. Secret: "Baby" sticker or word written on the flower of one lei for a door prize! Mid party, ask guests to find who has the "Baby Lei."

Lullaby Luau tiki nukLullaby Luau mama cup
Send everyone to the Tiki Bar for a drink or "Mocktail" by Crystal Light, since mommy can't drink alcohol. LaCroix Coconut or Fiji Water. Hawaiian Punch / Tiki Punch. Have a drink list for guests. I found an inexpensive dry erase board, drew lines on the green frame to mimic bamboo, then added a few window clings and drink list.  I also found a Flamingo cup just for the new Mommy.
Lullaby Luau tiki nuk signMocktails
Lullaby Luau food

Lullaby LuauorLullaby Luau
*Printables available, but you can also get one dollar long note pads to hand out with pencils/pens to guests. 1-2 sheets was enough for these games. Children's books are a great surface for writing on!
Lullaby Luau Baby on BoardSibling Shower Baby Board
This was a group favorite activity! Collect baby photos of guests now and add to the (cardboard) surf board randomly and number. Respecting anyone who brought an original photo, by paper clipping it to the edge. Later, when everyone gets to know each other, have them guess who's who. Prize Ideas:  Photo frames or albums.

Lullaby Luau Gumball GuessLullaby Luau nibble necklace leis
Any little girls can play "Guess how many gumballs in the bottle?" Winner takes home the bottle! I also created a basket of fun for them including play dough, stickers and hair accessories. They can make their own lei out of fruit loops, gummy lifesavers and red licorice laces.

Lullaby Luau Surfs UpLullaby Luau Surfs Up
The day before, add plastic babies into ice cube trays, fill half way and freeze, then add chilled water to top and freeze. When everyone is present, hand them a cup with an ice cube. First one to have their WATER BREAK and hold the baby wins. Now you may want to set some rules, like no microwaving the baby! I thought this would last at least one hour - it lasted about 5 minutes tops! But many were patient and told us when their water broke two hours later. Prize Ideas: Fun-shaped Silicone Ice Trays, Watering Can, Dish or Hand Towels. Consider several prizes for the first 3-6 winners.
Lullaby Luau<She melted it in her mouth!
I thought it was weird enough to freeze these mini babies, but to suck on them… People were SO excited when their water broke… good memories.

Lullaby Luau
How big is that belly? While the new mommy does a little hula dance, everyone gets a chance to guess the size of her belly with either a ribbon/yarn they cut to size or a store bought game ribbon. Then each guest can wrap their ribbon around her belly to see who's closest! If mommy isn't into being THAT close to others, she can have a ribbon precut to the right size for comparison. Prize idea: Aprons, Belts, Bracelets

Lullaby Luau
What's for lunch, Mommy? Everyone gets to look, smell and even taste the baby foods and guess what flavor it is. I added a meat jar for some interesting reactions! Use wooden spoons or popsicle sticks for an inexpensive taste-testing experience. Num-Nums Printable Guest Sheet included in my free download!
 LULLABY LUAU - numnums labels

Lullaby LuauLullaby Luau
What's that smell? Everyone tries to guess what candy bar has been melted into a diaper. I added a bonus diaper of Dijon mustard for a realistic newborn diaper! Use a sheet of paper for guests to number and guess, or use this Humpty Dumpty Printable Guest Sheet!
LULLABY LUAU - Humpty Dumpty

In the tropical tribes, a person entering a new phase in life must pass a challenge, such as walking across hot coals. In this case, bring out the bucket of Legos, Cars and Blocks for the brave new parents or guest to walk across. Of course, asking the swollen-footed pregnant woman to do so may be asking a bit much - so offer the challenge, don’t push it.
Hold off on the LIMBO, to avoid premature labor pains. Or have the guests strap on a pillow baby bump to even the playing field!

Lullaby LuauLullaby Luau
Our gift table was covered in a blue (water) tablecloth. The diaper cake centerpiece was labeled "Lullaby Island." I also bought and decorated a keepsake booklet to write in shower details, list of gifts and best wishes to the new Mommy from all the guests.

If both the mother and father are at the shower - begin this time with a drink!
Lullaby LuauLullaby Luau
Have the new mom and dad have a chug-a-lug contest of a drink from a baby bottle. For a prize, have a little something to give them at this time from you, the host. Perhaps bibs, a diaper cake, baby bottle set, etc. If dad isn't around, you could encourage the new grandma to take his place!

Have guests randomly fill out bingo sheet with what they think the new mommy will be opening. Prizes: Dollar items in a basket, wrapped or not. *Baby Bingo Printable Guest Sheet included in free download
LULLABY LUAU - Hush Little Baby Bingo

Tissue Paper Wrapped Prizes around $1 or so each.
Tissue Wrapped Prizes
*Tissue paper then baby theme cellophane (clear plastic) tied with curly ribbon.

or my fancy gifts…
Lullaby Luau
I got cute bags in the dollar section, and used the existing tag to tape on a label (included in my free Lullaby Luau Download)! Prize ideas included in each game instruction.

Lullaby Luau
Made little "you fill it" to-go boxes as a parting gift. Print my free labels onto full sheet label paper, cut out and stick onto boxes…. or print onto cardstock and cut as tags for other ideas you might have!
Lullaby Luau

The meal planning can be baby shower or tropical themed, or just a brunch/potluck.
Lullaby LuauLullaby Luau
We’re having Sweet & Sour Pork Balls, Glorified Rice, Fruit Salad, Hawaiian Sweet Rolls with Ham, and drinks.
Lullaby Luau
For dessert you could have pineapple upside down cake, a trifle, cupcakes, or slushies! I made cupcakes with blue "Cotton Candy" frosting, blue pearl candy bubbles and mini rubber duckies I found in the party section at Walmart.

I hope you enjoyed these fun baby shower ideas, as our guests did! If you or someone you know is hosting a baby shower, be sure to pass along this blog or the FREE PRINTABLE DOWNLOAD!

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