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I've always been a crafty person. I love the visual arts and just like to create things. I tend to stare at each item in awe when it is complete... thinking "I made this!?" Call me a hopeless romantic, but the old days had it right in many ways, including traditional homemaking. I've been hobby sewing and crafting since I was a little girl. But in recent years, I found it necessary to sew clothes for my girls to keep them modestly dressed. While nursing my babies, I began making nursing covers for myself and friends. I've also done furniture restoration, crocheting, baking, painting/drawing, photography and more. Enjoying these feminine crafts and other projects has made me want to share my ideas and talents.

I hope to provide you with great ideas and quality products that will "keep you covered!" Some items will be available at an Etsy Shop. Also enjoy my tips and examples on this blog!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Baptism Gowns

Edwards Baptism Gown by Mommy

Our children have worn a variety of baptismal (christening) gowns. All beautiful and sentimental in their own way. Our children have traditionally been baptized by my dad, Deacon Papa. Our fifth child will be Baptized in April, and I really want to witness to our family how special this sacrament is.

The gown is worn to represent their newly clean soul and clean start with life in Christ. This event is just as amazingly special as a First Communion or Marriage, but often seems downplayed in the faith communities we've been a part of. We finally found a parish that takes the ceremony up a notch with song and old tradition. Hence my reasoning to sew a new heirloom gown for our son.

Here are the gowns in our family...

Baby 1: Girl
Gown: 50 year old fraternal grandfather's gown, crocheted and cotton underdress with sheer embroidered overlay.
Cost: Free

Baby 1 Baptism GownMikayla Anna Michalek baptism

Baby 2: Boy
Gown: New jersey cotton romper set from JC Penny, a tux look with bow tie.
Cost: about $25
Baby 2 BaptismStanleys Baptism

Baby 3: Girl
Gown: My baptism dress (28yo), white cotton with pink rosebuds and matching bonnet
Cost: Free
Baby 3 Baptism DressBaby 3 Baptism

Baby 4: Boy
Gown: Maternal grandfather's satin gown (about 60 yo) sewn by my grandmother (worn by 3 generations), and the cotton romper of baby 2
Cost: Free
Jonathan Bruce - Baptism (22)Jonathans Baptism
Jonathan 2 months old

My daughter saw some fabric and thought I should make one, so I did!

Baby 5: Boy
Gown: Homemade by me, Mommy! Bridal heavy satin, sheer with embroidered crosses, and crocheted lace trim. Added pearl buttons.
Cost: $25 in materials, 4 hours time
Edwards Baptism Gown by Mommy
Edwards Baptism Gown by Mommy - front buttons
Edwards Baptism Gown by Mommy - buttons
Edwards Baptism Gown by Mommy

just praying it still fits him this nice in a month :)

Why didn't I do this earlier? Mostly because I was lacking in experience back then. So happy to gift this to my son and future grandchildren! Now I realize I NEED to get a serger sewing machine. It would really clean up the inside seams, especially the sleeves. I was so happy that the cost was only $25, considering the gowns I've seen online can cost upwards of $150-$400! I got the same heirloom look for so much less.

Simplicity Pattern #5813 with my own modifications.

Got the pattern on sale at JoAnn Etc for $1! This is a great start, then look online for more ideas how others use wedding gowns for fabric. When it comes to unisex gowns... To make it for boy or girl, have a frilly bonnet for girl and a cap for the boy. I chose to not add a collar and to add darting to the front for more texture. You might also make a satin coat or a add a clip bowtie for a boy, and have a lacey sweater for a girl.

UPDATE: It was just lovely...

Do you have a family baptism gown that is passed on? What does it look like?


Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Cozy Car Seats and More

Carseat Tent - etsy100_6198
I had fun sewing these CAR SEAT CANOPIES for our baby. They were a real eye catcher when we were in town at church, grocery shopping, eating out… got a few requests for my business card! Exciting because I just made my card and opened my shop!
MM Business Card

So I worked out the kinks of my samples, and made my first items for sale!
Sewing ProjectsSewing Projects
Bee Loved Car Seat Canopy Set $30
>with bonus tootsie cover and strap covers!

And I made this stylish, matching "Dairy Go" NURSING COVER that will go on Etsy as soon as its ironed! :)
Sewing ProjectsSewing Projects

This hard to find bee flannel was one of my favorites, so I made one item for myself. A SPILL STOPPER sheet protector for easy cleanup of baby's spitup or wet pjs in our bed. Less than one yard of flannel, backed with a diaper vinyl fabric. Worked its magic the first night! A good idea for potty training too, perhaps adding a terry cloth layer in-between for extra absorption.
Sewing Projects

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Wanted: More Arms, More Minutes

sewing projects

1. Shopping Spree
2. Wash it all and Iron most
3. Cut and Cut some More
4. Sprout four more hands
5. Sew one thing
6. Beg God for more minutes in the day.
7. Thank God for letting me sew at least one thing.

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