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Thursday, November 7, 2013

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

After using disposable diapers on my first 4 children, I didn’t think starting cloth diapering would pay off. Also, I just wasn’t ready for the idea of it. But now pregnant with our 6th child, I’m all set for a cloth diapering adventure with my almost two year old and newborn when she arrives. Why? We need to save money and we hope to potty train earlier than age 4! Everyone has their reasons, but those are our top two.

Cloth Diapering - Changing Table Setup
So after hours of surfing online at Craigslist.org, DiaperSwapper.com, GreenMountianDiapers.com as well as many other websites – came up with all of this. When all is said and done, diapering supplies for two children will have cost us around $350 or so. Depending how crazy I get with sewing more!

Cloth Diapering - Changing Table Setup
People know how much I love to be organized. I can’t wrap my head around any concept if it’s not organized. After wasting time looking at thrift shops for baskets, I broke down and bought cheap but new containers at Walmart. The two white and two green baskets cost $10. Glad I did. Found in the kitchen and office supplies. The blue basket was a gift my sister found in the Target dollar section once upon a time. It works nicely.

Cloth Diapering - ML ContainerCloth Diapering - Newborn Container
We chose to use prefolds and covers for our children, fitteds at night with doublers. Why? I guess I love the natural, soft cotton fiber against their little bums and how easy it will be to wash and dry these. Our son, age 20 months, has this stash of gently used quality prefolds (26), size large, and Flip and Econobum diaper covers. Our daughter, due Mar 2014, has Econobum prefolds (24), Snappis sz 1, and diapers covers from Econobum, Flip and WAHM (RattleMyCrib).

Cloth Diapering - Night Fitteds ContainerCloth Diapering - Pad Covers Container
The bottom bins hold our extra prefolds, fitteds and changing pad covers. The fitteds (contour diapers with snaps and elastic) are intended for nighttime wear. They are gently used MotherEase, Tiny Tush and Kissaluvs. Some have doublers, but I know I’ll need to make more. I hope to order some hemp fleece from DiaperSewingSupplies.com. I also plan to sew a few of my own, especially newborn size, using all the awesomely free patterns at Prefold2Fitted’s blog.

Sewing ProjectsThe Co-Sleeper Bed Pad
I made several waterproof pads for co-sleeping and diaper changing. Basically it’s a square of flannel backed with white PUL (PolyUrethane Lined), leakproof fabric. To make the typical changing pad cover, I used stretchy cotton jersey and fitted with elastic using measurements of my foam pad. I’d love to make one or more for you!

Cloth Diapering - Wipes ContainerCloth Diapering - Wipes
I never thought I’d like butt wipes so much! I told my husband if we’re going to cloth diaper, we’re going the whole nine yards with it. Wipes included. My friend advised me to size these prewashed/shrunk at least the size of my hand. Our monster poop wipes are flannel lined with terry, and pee wipes are flannel doubled. So easy to sew on a serger, my young daughter might be making more for me. I’ll be filling a spray bottle (tucked away between uses) filled with water and essential oils (Melaleuca Oil for us) to spray onto the wipes when ready to use.

Cloth Diapering - Wet Bag on Changing TableCloth Diapering - Pail Liner
Where do I plan on throwing all of these diapers? For basic wet diapers, they’ll go into a wet bag attached to the side of the changing table. Others will be rinsed in the toilet and thrown into this Dekor diaper pail (CL find $10) fitted with a pail liner I made.
Cloth Diapering - Pail LinerCloth Diapering - Pail Liner
I followed the directions from RunsWithSpatulas Blog: Wet Bags and Pail Liners
Cloth Diapering - Wet Bag

Not sure if we’re going to cloth diaper on the go, but I am totally ready for it. Only difference is we’ll be taking along disposable wet-wipes. (In our Thirty-One Organizing Utility Tote) It has a few fitteds, prefolds, covers, changing pad, wet bag and wipes.
Cloth Diapering - Diaper Bag Packed

Hoping I can share my fluffy cloth diaper butt photos with you all very soon! In the meantime, my hubby will be working on building a clothesline for me before the frost sets in the ground!

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